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What our clients have to say:

"I am going to take an opportunity and introduce you to my friend, and one of my Professional Hunters in Africa. His name is Andrew Schoeman. I have been hunting with Andrew for 12 years now or better, over the years, Andrew has become far more than just one of my PH's that I turn to for a hunting trip, he has become a very good friend. Andrew comes by hunting naturally, his Father, Japie Schoeman, is one of the "Old Time" PHs from many years ago, being friends and hunting partners with many of the greats such as Tony Sanchez. Andrew grew up with and around hunting all his life, and has learned from the very best in the business. We had the good fortune of sharing a camp a few years ago with Japie. One thing is for sure, I would not be hunting with Andrew for 18 years if I had not had a good experience, each and every time we went on an adventure! And we have been on some great adventures. Andrew is very good with first time hunters, first time Safaris, and kids. His patience also extends to more difficult grown ups and even experienced shooters as well, yours truly included! My Wife Jaun being a first time hunter was completely comfortable hunting with Andrew, and took her first Kudu, Oryx, and Zebra all with Andrew. When it came time for Matthew and Mark David, my sons, to go on their first safari, there was no doubt it would be with Andrew. They had the time of their lives. Andrew was right there with them every step of the way. On our most recent adventure, our 8 year old, Mercedes, had a great time on safari, and Andrew worked with her extensively".
Michael Mccourry
My adventures with Andrew
"When I was looking for A PH to hunt with on my first African safari, I contacted several outfitters. Michael recommended Andrew to me, so I sent him an email also. Andrew replied promptly and provided options that would suit my intentions. He was responsive and helpful, so I decided to hunt with him. Besides, recommendations from those you trust are hard to beat. In July 2011 I hunted with Andrew in Zimbabwe for Cape buffalo and hippo, and in South Africa for kudu, warthog, zebra and giraffe. Andrew certainly knows his stuff. He is an accomplished tracker, excellent at spotting game and works hard to ensure selection of the right animal before you take the shot. I successfully took each of the game species on my list and Andrew was genuinely pleased for me each time I bagged a trophy. As a bonus, he also took really good trophy photos. I often asked Andrew about other hunts he’d guided on and really enjoyed listening to anecdotes from his numerous hunts over the years. Many were humorous, some were eye-wideners, but all were very interesting. His stories also reflected his depth of experience and his intimate knowledge of the various game species. Andrew is very easy to get along with and also very accommodating. I elected to drive, rather than fly, back to South Africa with him after my Zimbabwe hunt so that I could see more of Africa at ground level. Despite the long distance,  Andrew was happy to make some detours so that I could see some sites of interest and cultural significance. At the end of my South African hunt, I had some days left, so we did some interesting things to round out my time. I’ve always been fascinated by rhino, so Andrew drove me to a place where I could sneak up on some white rhino with my camera. Fantastic. Whether you’re a first time African hunter like myself, or an avid Africa hunter like Michael, you’ll find hunting with Andrew a pleasure. Andrew is a PH who will work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable and successful safari".
Daryl Lenkic
Choosing my Outfitter
"First class accommodations in an area where there are a lot of quality animals. The setting is beautiful with abundant game right in the back yard to view all day long. Outstanding accommodations and a professional staff second to none".
United States
"The little patch of paradise - It's not just about the hunt with Andrew it is about the experience. From the variety of big game to the birdlife and smaller wildlife the property is spectacular even the fishing is great fun. Food is great accommodation is first class and the PH Andrew lives to be out in the veldt. Watching him work with his team is amazing".
"Have hunted with this PH twice 1. Zimbabwe 2. RSA - Andrew and his wife are personable, food was very good and staff professional. It was my wife's 1st time and it was geared toward her having a good time. She said it was a 15 on a 10 scale".
United States

What sets us apart?

1. What you see on this website, is what you will get when you book with Baobab Hunting Safaris.

2. NO hidden costs.

3. We focus on quality in all aspects of the hunt.

4.Here at Baobab Hunting Safaris it is not about the money, we are distinct, unique and passion driven.

5. Our hunting areas are vast and covers thousands of acres of beautiful hunting land.

6. We give our clients exclusive access to our hunting camps and areas.

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