Experience one of the most exciting and exhilarating hunts that South Africa has to offer.

Hunting Buffalo in the tall grass of the Matlabas river is a unique experience and opportunity not to be missed.

Limited bulls to hunt every year.

Our hunting area and Buffalo herds are self sustained.

You will have the opportunity to hunt big bodied and old dugga bulls that has been pushed out of the herds.

“This is what it means to get close and personal with a Buffalo in the Matlabas river”


Hunting Hippo on land is one of our main attractions.

There are very few places where you have the opportunity to hunt Hippo on land.

Lake Kariba will give you this once in a lifetime opportunity and Andrew considered this as one of his favorite hunts.


Elephant hunting in my opinion is the ultimate hunt.

Of all the species you can hunt in Africa, Elephant can give you the most exhilarating experience.

We can offer a trophy bull or tuskless cow.

For the past 20 years our go to area for Elephants is Zimbabwe where you can get the best value for your money.


The most underrated hunt in Africa.

Nothing will make your heart beat as much as looking through the crosshairs at a 14 foot Crocodile knowing you have one shot to count.

A spine or brain shot is the only option.

Baobab Hunting Safaris has some of the best Crocodile hunting areas in Africa.


Andrew had the privilege to hunt Lion's from a very young age.

He has successfully guided clients on Lion hunts from Tanzania all the way down to South Africa .

Whether you want to hunt a lion on foot or on bait, we can make it happen.


Building the blind, getting a big male on bait and trying to get them to come in during day time is all part of the experience.

Waiting patiently in the blind, whilst listening to all the noises around you is an experience by itself.


Most people hunt a Rhino to complete their Big 5 and think Rhino hunting is not much of a challenge.

When you hunt Rhino's in a big area it can be a very challenging hunt.

Even though they have only 50% eyesight, they have extremely good hearing and will use that to their advantage.